Neil Armstrong's Gemini 8 Space suit (G4C-24) Photos of Neil Armstrong's Gemini 8 Space Suit. The Gemini program was chiefly designed to test the ability of astronauts to maneuver their spacecraft by means of manual control. 27 January 1967; Apollo 1 - Astronauts Roger Chaffee, Virgil Grissom (Mercury 4 and Gemini 3), and Edward White (Gemini 4) were killed at Cape Kennedy during a training exercise for the Apollo 1 mission. The crew died as a result of a fire within the spacecraft cabin. (G3C suits were used on the Gemini 3 mission, and G5C suits were worn by the Gemini 7 crew). A truck slowly pulls the Gemini IX capsule past flags at half staff at a McDonnell parking lot on March 2, 1966, in memory of the two astronauts who were to have flown it into space. How many astronauts were anboard each space capsule launched during nasas Gemini space program?

The selection of crews was the responsibility of Deke Slayton who gave the original Mercury astronauts the first choice of missions. On 11 November 1966 he orbited aboard the Gemini XII spacecraft, a 4-day 59-revolution flight that successfully ended the Gemini program. To follow the successful series of Mercury flights, NASA planned the Gemini spacecraft for the mid-1960s.
The astronauts for Gemini were made up of veterans from the Mercury program and 13 new recruits. Gemini G4C Space suits were manufactured by the David Clark Company.

G4C space suits were worn by American astronauts on eight of the ten manned Gemini missions. The Gemini astronauts were pilots who flew in Project Gemini, NASA's second human spaceflight program, between projects Mercury and Apollo.Carrying two astronauts at a time, a senior Command Pilot and a junior Pilot, the Gemini spacecraft was used for ten crewed missions.

Gemini VI-A (foreground) and Gemini VII make the first rendezvous in orbit between two manned spacecraft.

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