Although there's no precise estimate for when it will happen, 50 years is within many of our lifetimes, and isn't so far off that it can be ignored. Pinterest. For most, the first signs were subtle, dogs laying on the ground barked nervously as the weak “P” or primary wave vibrations passed by. Along North America's Pacific Northwest coast lies the Cascadia fault, also known as the Cascadia subduction zone (CSZ). Strange Sounds - Sep 8, 2019. Stretching off the Pacific shore from northern California some 1300 kilometers to the tip of Vancouver Island, the Cascadia subduction zone appears capable of its own magnitude 9 earthquake. 1768. Twitter. The Cascadia Subduction Zone. [The 10 Biggest Earthquakes in History] Giant fault line. A University of Washington research project, to be presented Oct. 24 at the Geological Society of America’s annual meeting in Seattle, simulates 50 different ways that a magnitude-9.0 earthquake on the Cascadia subduction zone could unfold. Cascadia is America's own tectonic version of Sumatra, where the magnitude 9.3 earthquake and tsunami of 2004 occurred. Facebook. 25.

What people are already calling the “big one” is a M9.0 impending earthquake that is set to destroy … Three hundred and twenty years ago, thousands of coastal residents settled in for the night on January 26th 1700, when suddenly the ground began to shake. The Mega Cascadia Earthquake Is Overdue and Could Strike the US West Coast At Any Moment, Creating Huge 30 Meter-High Tsunami Waves Within Seconds – Please Prepare For This Apocalyptic Event . WhatsApp. By.

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