(Click to watch) Also in Quicktime format: Large (269M) and Small ( 60M). It’s as if the earth were inside a loosely inflated balloon. The earth contributes to space weather because it has a magnetic field and an atmosphere. The magnetic field sends most of the solar wind sliding around the planet. Space Weather Space weather describes changing environmental conditions in near-Earth space. Activity on the sun’s surface creates the conditions known as space weather, that can, at its worst, damage Earth satellites and cause electrical blackouts. Practitioners of space weather attempt to predict solar flares , coronal mass ejections , geomagnetic storms and other space-related phenomena. As modern civilization has become more dependent on technology, it has become more susceptible to the effects of space weather. Other Space Weather Resources.

Space weather is a relatively new field of science dedicated to the study of these interactions between the Sun and the Earth. Space Weather …

The Space Weather Prediction Center gathers, in real time, the available data that describes the state of the Sun, Heliosphere, Magnetosphere, and Ionosphere to form a picture of the environment from the Sun to the Earth.

"Conditions on the Sun and in the solar wind, magnetosphere, ionosphere and thermosphere that can influence the performance and reliability of space-borne and ground-based technological systems and can endanger human life or health."

What is the role of the Space Weather Prediction Center?

Space weather, conditions in space caused by the Sun that can affect satellites and technology on Earth as well as human life and health. To deliver space weather products and services that meet the evolving needs of the nation. A CME aimed at Earth might disrupt space weather in our neck of the woods for a day or two, but could be followed by a period of less disturbed conditions.

Space weather might be "stormy" in the vicinity of Mars while it is calm in the neighborhood of Jupiter. Magnetic fields, radiation, particles and matter, which have been ejected from the Sun, can interact with the Earth’s upper atmosphere and surrounding magnetic field to produce a variety of effects. The term space weather generally refers to conditions on the sun, in the solar wind, and within Earth's magnetosphere, ionosphere and thermosphere that can influence the performance and reliability of space-borne and ground-based technological systems and can endanger human life or health.

What is space weather ?

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