Highpool is the first location (after the Ranger Center) that the Player will explore in the game. ... Leave the Ranger HQ and head right over to Highpool, which is to the west north west of the Ranger HQ. / Mar 5, 2020 This guide is of some of the Secrets & Exploits of game. Highpool is a small place with not a lot to recommend it. Walkthrough by BMorgan. Wasteland Walkthrough Wasteland 1 - The Original Classic Walkthrough Character creation Ranger Center Locations Highpool Agricultural Center Rail Nomad's Camp Mine Shaft Quartz Savage Village Needles Las Vegas Darwin Village Guardian Citadel Sleeper Base Base Cochise I claim no responsibility for injury or casualty due to misuse of this document. Exhaustive Wasteland Walkthrough By Ben Morgan v2.1 Note: This has not been proofread, for the sake of adventure, and more importantly, laziness. If you missed it, go back to part 3 for party management tips.

As a fan of 1980s CRPGs, I have been looking forward to reliving my younger years through this game. So there. For those who might be used to this style of game, or may have forgotten some of those cryptic clues and special keys I hope this walkthrough serves you… Welcome to my walkthrough for Wasteland Remastered! Wasteland Remastered walkthrough part 4: Highpool.

Do not quote me on any of this information. It is a small town suffering from a water shortage on account of a broken water purifier, which requires an engine from the Rail Nomads to repair. This guide contains spoilers. If you’ve played the original Wasteland , you’ll notice that some of that sound design has been carried over, though it has been further enhanced with character voice overs and narration which punctuate the major beats in the game.

Highpool is a settlement in the eastern part of the Arizona Wasteland. Written by B.O.B. Wasteland Remastered - Guide to Secrets and Exploits.

Read at your own risk. After 3 introductory parts, we have reached our first adventure, in the settlement of Highpool. Wasteland Remastered features the iconic gameplay of the original turn-based RPG, with new graphics and overhauled audio. Originally a children's camp, the town has a problem with juvenile delinquency.

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