When I found this out I picked up a bunch of PS2 singstar collections off ebay for pennies instead of having to shell out $1.5 per song. 1. Více Méně Highlight the song you want to download and press (X button) to view the song … To save time, you can add up to 10 songs in the car at a time and then go to the box with all together.

From the SingStar Ultimate home screen go to [Play SingStar] > [Purchase History] > [Transfer My Songs]. The PS3 version of this game was awesome though, it also had a little known feature where you could even load your ps2 singstar discs to play all of those songs (even on the slims and super slims). The fact that if you bought a song, and then moved to another PS3 that you couldn't easily transfer it or even rebuy it was messed up. The newly revamped version of SingStar is out now for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3, and it’s free on PlayStation Store.This new, redesigned digital version of SingStar lets consumers customize their in-game song choices with the purchase of individual songs for $1.49 or song packs containing 5 songs for $6.99 (purchase of in-game content is required for gameplay).

SingStar PS3 to PS4 Song Compatibility Confirmed.

Start SingStar on the PS4 system 2. Oct, 2014 Not long until the release of SingStar: Ultimate Party and we have some more details on it. Select the option «Transfer my songs» 5 Select a song, press the triangle button to open the menu and then select «Add to cart» 6. Highlight «Purchase history» 4.

The PS3 Singstar had a functionality that allowed you to swap out your disc for a PS2 disc, allowing you to play those songs on PS3.

They couldn't even fix it on the PS3.

Having to call Sony to get it moved over is hardly ideal.

Singstar tracks from Singstore are attached to PS3's unique hardware ID so transferring tracks from one PS3 to another is not possible. Including some more information on the PS3 songs that we already own.

I'd rather they scrap it and start over.

15. Select «Play SingStar» from the main menu 3. However if your PS3 …

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