Disengagement means that, as people get older, they become detached from the integrating mechanisms of society, such as participation in workplaces through paid employment. Since late 1970, a … The ethnic/ religious breakdown of Syria’s population is approximately 12% Alawites (President Assad’s ethnic group),8% Christians, 3% Shiites, and 74% Sunnis. Syrian infantry were also involved in putting down the Bar-Cochba Revolt in Judea (132-136 CE) after which the emperor Hadrian exiled the Jews from the region and renamed it Syria Palaestina after the traditional enemies of the Jewish people.

(There are over 6000 religions in the world and they contradict each other and themselves. At any rate, staunch secularists advocating a strict division of religion and state are a minority in rebel ranks, with most militias sporting a mix of Syrian nationalism and Islamist slogans. Older people may face a growing privatisation of their lives, with increasing social …

Absence of Central Leadership . > “Why should I respect other people's religious beliefs? The people that live in Syria are called Syrians.

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Many Christians hold good administrative positions and in Syria I never once saw people protesting against others’ rights to religious practice. Among the millions of refugees, there are Christian, Druze, Ismaili and other Muslim and non-Muslim minority religious people and families fleeing Syria, and persecution is following them. Older people and religion. Syria is a relatively new country: Its borders were constructed by European powers in the 1920s, mashing together several ethnic and religious groups. Other more moderate Islamists are willing to accept political pluralism and religious diversity. Syria is a place not a people. Religion: Even if the Muslim religion is the main one in Syria, other religions are greatly respected and especially the Christians practice a number of faiths (e.g., Orthodox, Maronite and Roman Catholic). The attachment of older people to religion is often explained by three main factors: Disengagement.

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