How fast would we expect a galaxy 100 million light-years away to be - 15048591 The slope of the plot, the ratio of velocity to distance, is known as the Hubble constant. Topics for this week What does Hubble’s law tell us about the … First, an everyday example: Suppose you are told someone is driving at 100 km/hr and you want to know how long it will take them to go 130 miles to reach you. Example: Units of the Hubble Constant. Suppose that Hubble's constant were 20 kilometers per second per million light-years. Pages 12 Ratings 80% … Hubble’s constant 1 5. Suppose Hubble's constant is 100 km/sec/Mpc (this is not the currently accepted value). How would this affect our estimate of the age of the universe? While that may seem like an easy statement to make, it was an incredibly difficult task to accomplish. What would be the age of the universe? The Hubble constant, usually denoted by the symbol H 0, measures the rate of the expansion, and it also indicates the size and age of the universe. You may assume a constant expansion rate. What would the approximate age of the universe be in this case? Suppose that Hubble's constant were 11 km/s/million light years instead of 22 km/s/million light years. Uploaded By LieutenantHackerCaribou2903.

Suppose hubbles constant is 100 kmsecmpc this is not School University of California, Santa Barbara; Course Title ASTRONOMY 1; Type. How fast would we expect a galaxy 100 million light-years away to be moving? Expert Answer . D=Vt so t=D/V. What if H had a value of 50 km/s/Mpc? 24. The Hubble constant is a proportionality constant between the velocity of recession of far away galaxies ( distance > 10 Mparsec away from earth = 3.3E7 light years) and their distance. Hubble's constant Background When external galaxies were first identified and their optical spectra measured, it was found that the spectral lines of the galaxies did not appear at their expected places; instead, they were redshifted - that is, they appeared at longer wavelength than the expected wavelength of the line. (Assume the motion is due only to Hubble's law.) $\begingroup$ Thanks-- I've been randomly thinking about the meaning of the Hubble Time and although I could readily understand that it is the reciprocal of Hubble's Constant, I didn't see why this should be synonymous with the age of the Universe. Suppose Hubbles constant is 100 kmsecMpc this is not the currently accepted.

A good question. the answer is a. please type the answer Suppose it was discovered that Hubble's constant, H0, was smaller than previously thought. But the units of speed and distance given are incompatible. 1. Suppose that the Hubble constant had a value of H = 100 km/s/Mpc. The age of the universe if Hubble’s constant had a value of 100 km/s/Mpc.
For decades, astronomers have argued over the precise value of Hubble's constant. What effect would this discovery have … A. - 14097211 The data would follow a more shallow line, closer to horizontal than the current line. Question: Suppose Hubbles Constant Is H0 =22 Km/s/mly. The graph would have to show luminosity on the vertical axis, rather than velocity. 14 billion years C. 20 billion years D. 41 billion years E. 61 billion years. 1. toward us at 2,000 km/s 2. away from us at 2,000 km/s 3. away from us at 200 km/s 4. away from us at 20,000 km/s (Assume the motion is due only to Hubble's law.) Suppose that Hubble's constant were 20 kilometers per second per million light-years. How do you figure this out. AST 301 Introduction to Astronomy John Lacy RLM 16.332 471-1469 Bohua Li RLM 16.212 471-8443 Myoungwon Jeon RLM 16.216 471-0445 web site: Go to Department of Astronomy courses, AST 301 (Lacy), course website. Test Prep. suppose Hubbles constant is h0 =22 km/s/mly. How would a graph look? How fast would we expect a galaxy 100 million light-years away to be moving?

Given info: Hubble’s constant (H) = 100 km/s/Mpc. 3. Suppose that Hubble's constant were 20 kilometers per second per million light-years.
10 billion years B.

(a) To determine. Explanation of Solution. Suppose astronomers were to discover that the value of Hubble's constant were twice as large as it is now thought to be. See the answer.

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