Moment magnitude, a quantitative measure of an earthquake’s magnitude (or relative size), developed in the 1970s by Hiroo Kanamori and Thomas C. Hanks. Earthquake Seismometer Equations Calculator Earth Science Geology Geophysics Seismology Formulas. The seismic moment is a measure of the total amount of energy that is transformed during an earthquake.

Calculate the seismic moment, M_o (energy release) of each earthquake. Seismic moment = Area of fault plane x stress drop of earthquake x coseismic slip [NB: Area x stress = force force x distance = moment]] ßprovides estimate of overall size of the seismic source Units: units of moment = newton-metres = Nm = = joule = J = unit of energy So seismic moment is also a measure of the energy of the earthquake.

Inputs: The existing footing is 2 feet wide by 1 foot thick concrete reinforced with (3) #4 rebar continuously. Math Geometry Physics Force Fluid Mechanics Finance Loan Calculator. M 0: Seismic moment (N*m)

Others: Used for any artificially created earthquakes or earthquakes that aren't the former two. Seismic moment Solve. Solving for seismic moment… Magnitude earthquake has several types, and currently the moment magnitude is mainly used. Often, several slightly different magnitudes are reported for an earthquake. Code to add this calci to your website . generating seismic waves which radiate outward and are detected by seismographs. Earthquake Seismometer Equations Calculator Earth Science Geology Geophysics Seismology Formulas. The Moment magnitude scale is used to measure the size of earthquakes in terms of the energy released.The magnitude is based on the seismic moment of the earthquake, which is equal to the rigidity of the Earth multiplied by the average amount of slip on the fault and the size of the area that slipped. Related formulas.

Then, enter values for story heights above grade and seismic weight (approximately equal to the dead load) for each story. Math Geometry Physics Force Fluid Mechanics Finance Loan Calculator. AlabamaQuake interactive earthquake energy calculator, showing total converted and released energy in the seismic moment and in radiated seismic waves, and providing representations of earthquake energy in common everyday equivalent quantities. Nowadays the moment magnitude scale is the one used by seismologists to measure large earthquakes. This calculator uses the moment magnitude. Add to Solver. Magnitude scales , like the moment magnitude, measure the size of the earthquake at its source.

Description. Real Earthquake: Just use this calculator. An earthquake has one magnitude. seismic importance factor .

Top of Add to Solver. Seismic moment Solve.

is the shear modulus of the rocks involved in the earthquake (in pascals (Pa), i.e. where μ is the shear modulus of the crust (approx 3x10 10 N/m) Moment magnitude (Mw) = 2/3log(Mo) - 6.06. The seismic moment is a measure of the size of an earthquake based on the area of fault rupture, the average amount of slip, and the force that was required to overcome the friction sticking the rocks together that were offset by faulting as shown in figure 1. M 0: Seismic moment (N*m) 1J = 1N*m 1TNT-ton=4.184GJ

The Magnitude increases +2, energy increases 1000 times. 'x' is the building period formula exponent, and is dependent on the type of seismic-force-resisting system that is used: x = 0.80 for moment-resisting frames of steel x = 0.90 for moment-resisting frame systems of reinforced concrete x = 0.75 for eccentrically braced steel frames x = …
Seismic moment can also be calculated from the amplitude spectra of seismic waves. Usually only 1-10 percent or less of an earthquake's total energy is released in the form of radiated seismic … I. e = 1.0:, S. DS = 0.2; and 2ground snow load of 20 lb/ft . Description. Related formulas. Homework Statement The great Sumatra earthquake of late 2004 had a main shock with an M_w magnitude of 9.1 and a large aftershock in early 2005 had an M_w of 8.6.

The magnitude do not depend on where the measurement is made.

Handy earthquake tiering chart. Directions: Enter general data (city, importance factor), seismic data (site class, seismic force resisting system), and wind data (exposure category, plan and parapet dimensions, and coefficients for directionality and topography).

The Total Seismic Moment Energy is the result.

Size calculations are tied to an earthquake’s seismic moment rather than to the amplitudes of waves recorded by seismographs. newtons per square meter); is the area of the rupture along the geologic fault where the earthquake occurred (in square meters), and Variables. Seismic moment is a quantity to measure the size of an earthquake and is proportional to the area of the rupture times the average slip that took place in the earthquake.

1J = 1N*m 1TNT-ton=4.184GJ Seismic moment (Mo) = μ* rupture area * slip length where μ is the shear modulus of the crust (approx 3x10 10 N/m) Moment magnitude (Mw) = 2/3log(Mo) - 6.06

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