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PUBG Mobile Hack Consequences. 56% Upvoted.

PUBG Mobile hasn’t taken any strict measures yet as it isn’t so advanced to detect and ban hackers instantly. This thread is archived. › Method 2: Report a Hacker in PUBG Mobile after the match. Here you will need either the Hacker/Cheater (1) In-Game Name or (2) Profile ID. How I reported a team killer is an interesting story; however you have a choice to read what happened OR just jump straight onto the bottom of this article where i have mentioned the steps to report cheaters in PUBG . PUBG Mobile No Recoil Hack is the most common hack which hackers use to control their guns easily but they can be easily spotted by other players since they can spectate the hacker and can report him / her easily. PUBG Mobile Hackers. Hello squadians it’s your mrcybersquad is came here with a new surprise for you guys, Now you guys too can ban hackers/cheaters in pubg mobile. So far they have banned thousands of hackers but they they keep coming back with different ids. This is another method of reporting hackers and any other player who is either abusing you, team killing, exploiting bugs or anything that is not appropriate. PUBG cheaters . The problem is that many players do not even know how to report hackers in PUBG Mobile, and that is why we are going to help you, so that if you encounter one, you can report their activity so that they receive their deserved punishment. PUBG Mobile hacking report is increasing day by day. While Playing PUBG Mobile If you were killed from a cheater, please use the in-game report system. Although, PUBG Xbox has a clear way to report such players but in PUBG mobile, things are a little complicated. share. Discussion. save hide report. The punishments for those who use hacks at PUBG are severe. I’ve already encountered someone using speed hacks in the asia server Maybe its about time to #regionlockchina . Theres already some hackers present at PUBG mobile maybe thats what we get for playing a free game eh? How to report hackers in PUBG Mobile? How to report and ban hackers directly in pubg mobile . However, if you report the hacker that killed you right on time, it does do serious damage to the ranking of the hacker and if he continues to do cheating, his account gets suspended. Sort by. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Looks like nothing will happen, you wont get any update but they are releasing list of banned hackers in their official pages of Facebook and twitter. 13 comments. That is the fastest way to report a user directly to our team.

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