Register as a private carrier pursuant to Section 4005. Authority Document. Charter-Party Carriers (TCP) Transportation Network Companies (TNC) Passenger Stage Corporations (PSC) Any carrier who operates road passenger transport services and who holds a Community licence can operate cabotage operations for the following services: special regular services, covered by a contract between the organiser and the carrier; occasional services; and regular services, in the course of a regular international service. Information on Carrier Type. For more information about URS, or to apply for the first time, click here. Route taxis must have 10 seats or less. Certificate. A person who contracts to transport groups of passengers and who charges a group fee.

Restricted licence. First-time applicants must use the Unified Registration System (URS). Vehicles you can drive if you have a full category B (car) driving licence: Application for Motor Passenger Carrier Authority. Holders of a full category B (car) driving licence may drive any of the vehicles listed below, although this might change in 2018 as per an announcement by the Department for Infrastructure on 30 June 2017. You can only apply for a restricted licence for small-scale operations. You must complete and submit an “Application for Authority to Operate as a Carrier of Passengers by Motor Vehicles in Intrastate Commerce in Maryland”, along with all other documents and information required. The Road Transport Operator Licensing Unit of the Department of Transport, Tourism and Sport mainly deals with applications for Road Haulage Operator Licences and Road Passenger Transport Operator Licences. Contract Passenger Carrier Type of Operation. The trip must be PREARRANGED under a contract made with a group through a representative of the group. Please note: Information is refreshed every 30 minutes. The Licensing Section processes carrier applications for permits, manages changes to carrier operations, communicates with carriers, and issues authorities, certificates, and permits for operation. Passenger carriers (limousines, airport shuttles, charter and scheduled bus operators, and others) obtain permits or certificates after providing financial responsibility and safety information to the PUC, including evidence of liability insurance and a California Highway Patrol safety inspection.

Obtaining Passenger Carrier Operating Authority (except Taxicabs) How do I obtain authority to operate a sedan, van, limousine, or bingo service in Maryland? Passenger Carrier Operating Authority Application Vetting When FMCSA receives an application for Motor Passenger Carrier Operating Authority, the Agency conducts an in-depth investigation of the application to determine if the applicant is fit, willing, and able to perform the involved operations and to comply with all applicable statutory and regulatory provisions.

You must complete and submit an “Application for Authority to Operate as a Carrier of Passengers by Motor Vehicles in Intrastate Commerce in Maryland”, along with all other documents and information required. Cabotage operations (national passenger transport operations carried out by non-resident operators) are also governed by Regulation (EC) 1073/2009. Contact the Transportation Division of the Public Service Commission of Maryland at: 6 St. Paul Street, Baltimore, MD 21202, or, or 410-767-8128. Participate in a pull notice system (CVC §1808.1) Undergo annual bus terminal inspection with CHP (CVC §34501). The passenger Carrier ID PSG0000001 with the word 'Grey' contained within the Carrier's Name or DBA will be displayed. Transport Licensing Forms Note. Operating Authority: Passenger Carrier (except Taxis) ... as a Carrier of Passengers by Motor Vehicles in Intrastate Commerce in Maryland, along with appropriate documents. Passenger Carrier License Application Section 1 – General Information Note: If the applicant is an individual, list the individual’s name below.

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