Nintendo Land is one of two first-party launch titles offered by Nintendo to kick off the start of the Wii U. It’s arguably overshadowed by its peer, New Super Mario Bros. U, but perhaps unfairly so. Nintendo Land is an awesome game where you play as your mii in a virtual theme park full of attractions based on Nintendo's greatest games. Once the release of Wii Sports Resort started out strong, Nintendo looked … Because of its structure, reviewing this title like others would be unfair so each mini-game in the title has its own mini-review, allowing for a more in-depth explanation of what Nintendo Land has to offer. Nintendo Land bills itself as a virtual theme park, and at its heart is a collection of 12 attractions modelled on classic Nintendo games and franchises. Nintendo Land - A deep review of a surprisingly deep game! The team games give Nintendo Land its first chance to put Nintendo’s asymmetric multiplayer gaming concepts to the test, and the results are very entertaining. Although these mini games were nothing more than tech demos, as time went on Nintendo decided to turn them into a game. By E3 2012 Nintendo had put together a new game to be bundled with the … Nintendo Land is presented as a theme park for Miis, the player avatars Nintendo introduced with the Wii. Nintendo Land is a weird game for a weird console. Nintendo Land is a particularly enjoyable game and offers a fantastic … For completing the attractions you earn coins that can be used to play a minigame. Nintendoland Retro Review – Development and Rollout. Nintendo Land is a package featuring a plethora of mini-games with the intention of showing off what the GamePad can do. Here’s my Nintendo Land retro review for a game that really outperformed most modern Mario Party games. Nintendo Land isn't just a fine showcase of the Wii U's capabilities, though it certainly is that. Nintendo Land Review. Once the Wii proved to continue to sell insanely well, developers at Nintendo decided to make another game, Wii Sports Resort. Nintendo land Review Nintendo Land is the perfect launch game to show off the great potential of the Wii U Gamepad. Overseen by a peculiar floating screen named Monita, the world is composed of … Nintendo Land is the pack-in software with the Wii U Deluxe Bundle, and like Wii Sports its goal is to introduce players to the new controller at the heart of the system. When the Wii U was first announced Nintendo showed off a series of mini games to show off the use of the brand new tablet controller. There are three categories for the attractions: theme attractions, competitive attractions, and solo attractions. Its cute conceit, presented with perfect polish and charm, is that it's a virtual amusement park dedicated to all things Nintendo.

Nintendo Land is a virtual theme park created in tribute to more than 30 years of video game history. Again, the game was a hit.

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