Her real name is Meiko Obara. Elle est connue notamment pour ses rôles dans Lady Snowblood et Elle s'appelait Scorpion ainsi que pour son jeu, où son regard intense [ 1 ] , glacé et implacable prend une importance toute particulière [ 2 ] . Meiko (めいこ, メイコ) is a feminine Japanese given name.. Possible writings. Meiko is a feminine Japanese given name. Meiko Nakahara (中原 めいこ, Nakahara Meiko), real name Meiko Obara (小原 明子, Obara Meiko) (born May 8, 1959 in Chiba Prefecture), is a Japanese singer and composer.

Explore Meiko's social profile such as: Twitter, Facebook, Wikipedia, Linkedin, and Quora . Notable people with the name include: Meiko Kaji, born 1947, Japanese enka singer; Meiko Satomura, born 1979, Japanese professional wrestler; Fictional characters: Meiko Honma, or Menma, the heroine in AnoHana; Name of one voice in Yamaha voice synthesiser software Vocaloid There are two artists with the name Meiko: 1) an American singer/songwriter 2) the first Japanese-language Vocaloid 1) Meiko (pronounced MEE-ko) (born February 25, 1982), is an American singer/ songwriter, born and raised in Roberta, Georgia and currently residing in Los Angeles, California. According to her website, Meiko gave birth to her first child on July 15, 2016. Let's discover Meiko's birthday profile such as: Early life, Famous for, Professional life, family life, trivia, fun facts and before fame.

Meiko (Pop Singer) was born on February 25, 1982 in Georgia under Pisces zodiac and got ranking 29877. Mei can be written using different kanji characters and can mean: . Know Meiko's Cars, House, Networth. 芽子, "sprout, child" 芽心, "sprout, heart" 迷子, "lost child" 姪子, "niece" 盟子, "alliance, child"

She has appeared in about 100 films, [3] with her most famous roles being outlaw characters in early 1970s films, such as the rebels of the Stray Cat Rock series, the assassin Lady Snowblood , and the murderous Nami Matsushima from the Female Prisoner 701: Scorpion series. Born: 24 March 1947 in Chiyoda, Tokyo, Japan. Meiko Kaji (梶 芽衣子, Kaji Meiko, born March 24, 1947) is a Japanese actress and singer.

Active in the 1970s as a modern enka singer, along with being a cult film actress.

She independently released a self-titled album on September 1, 2007. Japanese actress and singer. Early life and career.

As early as grade school she was already composing her own music.

), dite Meiko Kaji (梶 芽衣子, Kaji Meiko? ) On January 26, 2018, Meiko released a cover of The Cranberries single "Zombie" through the independent label Chesky Records. Meiko independently released a new album titled Moving Day on June 24, 2016.

, est une actrice et une chanteuse d' enka japonaise née le 24 mars 1947 à Chiyoda dans la préfecture de Tokyo .

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