Made In Space to Launch Commercial Recycler to Space Station Braskem and Made In Space expand their partnership to include plastic recycling on the International Space Station “…astronauts on the International Space Station (ISS) now may start using, by 2018, a recycler of plastic objects and packaging that would improve the autonomy and sustainability of future missions beyond our planet.” … The AMF is far more than an experiment – it’s an actual additive manufacturing facility, a service bureau that just happens to be located in outer space.” The partnership adopted Green Plastic, a bio-based resin made from sugarcane, for the printing of tools and spare parts by astronauts. Made in Space, which already has a 3D printer on the ISS, just launched its Recycler, which will repurpose plastics for that printer to transform into tech. “Made In Space is currently the only company in the world to be manufacturing in space. Fremont,CA: California-based Made in Space is prepared to launch its plastic recycler towards the orbiting International Space Station on board Northrop Grumman's Robotic Cygnus cargo spacecraft. This new recycler will be able to process plastic into feedstock for Made in Space's Additive Manufacturing Facility (AMF), a 3D printer available for commercial use. Made In Space has announced that it will be launching the first commercially developed plastic recycling facility to the International Space Station (ISS) in collaboration with Braskem. Humans can be expected to leave behind massive amounts of garbage wherever they go (which is why the fear of …

Made In Space (MIS) is the industry leader for manufacturing technologies designed for the outer space environment.

MIS uses the benefits of microgravity to develop innovative new products and concepts that can only be realized in space. In November, Made In Space plans to send the first commercially-developed plastic recycling facility to the International Space Station (ISS).

The Plastic Recycler was developed through a partnership with Brazil-based, Braskem, Americas’ largest thermosplastic resin producer. Braskem partners with Made In Space to develop recycling technology to be used on space missions

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