Hailing from South Korea, 36-year-old Choi Young-jae has been making news around the world in recent days, with his service to South Korean President Moon Jae-in during his presidential campaign overshadowed by his dashing good looks. He’s been identified as Choi Young Jae, a 36-year-old Special Warfare Command officer. The Korea Times identified the bodyguard as Choi Young-jae. But out of all the new administration's good-looking members, the one most in the spotlight is Moon's bodyguard Choi Young-jae. Not only a bodyguard and martial arts master, he also worked as […] Until now, the world’s most dashing bodyguard was Kevin Costner, who played the role of protecting Whitney Houston in The Bodyguard – but that was a film and Choi Young-jae is for real. Twitter/@elena_yip After the government of impeached leader Park Geun-hye, the country's newly sworn leader, Moon Jae-in, has promised a sea-change, but nobody seems to care. Choi Young-jae took the internet by storm after his pictures with the president went viral. He is responsible to guard Moon which was elected after the South Korea’s first female president was impeached following a corruption scandal. Ladies, unfortunately, it … As a bodyguard protecting a high-profile political figure, a.k.a the President, you’re expected to remain out of sight, always be on alert and ready to tackle any potential harm.

The President’s bodyguard, Choi Young Jae, went viral last week for his devilishly good looks, but he’s much more than just a handsome face. While many girls on social media are drooling over this super fit and handsome bodyguard, media houses continue to search about his relationship status. People all over the world have fallen head over heels for his bodyguard, Choi Young-jae. Choi Young-jae seemed bewildered by his abrupt rise to rock-star status and the international media frenzy over him. South Korea just elected its new President Moon Jae-in but rather than talking about him the whole worlds is talking about his hot bodyguard Choi Young-jae. His name is Choi Young-jae, and he's an ageless 36-years-old.. He's part of the "handsome brigade" of President Moon Jae-in, according to the Korea Times.Apparently, Choi …

He served in Korea’s Special Warfare Command for 10 years, and has an 11th-degree black belt in various martial arts! Twitter user @Elena_Yip reposted the photos to her profile and … According to Next Shark, the bodyguard has been identified as Choi Young-jae and is 36 years old this year. Reuters/Kim Kyunghoon But, probably to the dismay of many, he is married with two daughters. Not since Kevin Costner has there been a bodyguard that’s caused this much attention. The commando-turned-businessman who followed behind President Moon Jae-in like a shadow as a bodyguard during his presidential campaign has become a global sensation, after snapshots of him standing next to Moon and gazing out have gone viral. Case in point - Choi Young-jae, the South Korean President's bodyguard who has sent social media into a meltdown with his oh-so-handsome looks.

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