They range on a danger scale, and their effects can be Lobotomy Corp is a Monster Management Rogue-Lite Simulation game. Lobotomy Corporation Spoilers & Beginners Guide Locations, people, and factions. Suddenly the powerful technologies known as “Singularities” are discovered … 「Lobotomy~」外伝漫画の日本語版連載予告も 「Library of Ruina」の戦闘シーンを収めた動画が公開。「Lobotomy Corporation」の漫画も3月ごろからPOSTYPEで … 設計チーム は、ゲームを始めたプレイヤーが最後に管理することになる部門です。ゲームを46日目まで進行させることで、部門の管理が可能になります。 最大収容アブノーマリティは計8体で、1日に2体のアブノーマリティを選択することになります。 Guides » Lobotomy Corporation - Basic Guide (Game Mechanics and Strategy) Created by spitnik11 :: Dec 13, 2019 An updated guide on the early game mechanics of Lobotomy Corporation as well as some basic strategy for succeeding through mid to late. The World Scenario The game world takes place on Earth many years into the future, humans have exhausted nearly all resources of the planet. Our game was inspired by the monsters from game and movies such as SCP series, Cabin in the woods and Warehouse 13.

Furthermore, it was developed from the thought of “What if those monsters were real and your job is to manage them”. Spoilers for Lobotomy Corporation. Lobotomy Corporation close Games videogame_asset My games When logged in, you can choose up to 12 games that will be displayed as favourites in this menu.

Various Abnormalities are sent to Lobotomy Corporation in order to be studied and used for power supplication of the facility as well as other unexplained uses of said power.

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