A new Earth-like planet Kepler-1649 has been discovered by NASA's Long dead Kepler Space Telescope. The Kepler Space Telescope is dead. The first potentially habitable planet the telescope found was Kepler-22b, way back in 2011. Johannes Kepler, German astronomer who discovered three major laws of planetary motion. His discoveries turned Nicolaus Copernicus’s Sun-centered system into a dynamic universe, with the Sun actively pushing the planets around in noncircular orbits. Learn more about Kepler… For NASA's Kepler space telescope, the world will end in ice rather than fire. Kepler, the little spacecraft that could, is now at rest. Kepler, which is responsible for 70 percent of the roughly 3,800 confirmed exoplanet discoveries to … Long live Kepler! But, its legacy will live on. NASA's Kepler Space Telescope was an observatory in space dedicated to finding planets outside our solar system with a particular focus on finding planets that might resemble Earth.

The planet revolves around its star in Goldilocks zone and … Scientists agreed the planet was could be liveable because it was the perfect distance from its sun. After nearly a decade of searching the Milky Way for Earth-size exoplanets, the space telescope has finally run out of fuel.

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