Barker Barracks was located in the east of Paderborn, about two kilometres from the city centre.

Barker Barracks is a military installation in Paderborn, Germany. The barracks is bordered by Driburger Straße to the south, the Berliner Ring to the west, Piepenturmweg to the north-west and a rail line to Paderborn railway station to the north-east. Within Iserlohn itself the Canadian Army had barracks in former tank barracks and renamed the Barracks Fort Beausejour and Fort Qu'Appelle. Most records of births in the armed forces are held by the General Register Office.. British Army regimental registers of births and baptisms start in 1761 in England and Wales and around 1790 in other countries, and continue to 1924.They include births in the United Kingdom and abroad.
5 FIELD SQUADRON RE Jan 1949 - Jun 1950 Did not have many informations about this squadron here in hameln, but maybe someone know more about! This is the original building that was used as BMH Berlin.

The final days at corunna barracks in Iserlohn (spelling mistakes corrected by Mr Ted Manning)


These photo's was taken in 1956 from the collection of Corporal Peter Elgar RAMC (Path Lab) and used with kind permission.

Barker Barracks is located in the east of Paderborn, about two kilometres from the city centre. British Army: Site history; Built: 1930s: Built for: Third Reich: In use: 1930s – 2019: Garrison information; Garrison: Westfalen Garrison : Barker Barracks was a military installation in Paderborn, Germany. BMH Berlin was one of several BAOR (British Army On The Rhine) army hospitals in Germany.
Feel free to contact me, please! It is now closed though the building of the second BMH remains in use as a Krankenhaus. Special thanks to Alan Young from British Army Units who collected all these dates!

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