Merapi, a steep stratovolcano north of Central Java's capital Yogyakarta, is Indonesia's most active volcano. It erupts on average every 5-10 years and is feared for its deadly pyroclastic flows - avalanches of hot rocks and gas that are generated when parts of new lava domes constructed during eruptions in the summit crater collapse and slide down the mountain's steep flanks. In Indonesian, the name means mountain of fire. It is the most active volcano of Indonesia. Merapi volcano was born in period of late Pleistocene - Early Holocene. It is very close to the city of Yogyakarta, and thousands of people live on the flanks of the volcano, with villages as high as 1700 m above sea level. It is one of 129 active volcanoes in Indonesia making up part of the Pacific Ring of Fire. Mt Merapi (meaning Mountain of Fire) is an active stratovolcano (or composite volcano) located in South East Asia, on the island of Java, Indonesia. Mount Merapi, Gunung Merapi ('Mountain of Fire'), is a conical volcano located on the border between Central Java and Yogyakarta, Indonesia. What is Mount Merapi?

Its volcanic activity means that its upper slopes is made up of barren and often loose rock. The volcano has erupted (spewn fire,gases and ash) 68 times, since 1548. Mount Merapi (Gunung Merapi in Indonesian) is a volcano in Indonesia. Mount Merapi, Gunung Merapi (literally Fire Mountain in Indonesian and Javanese), is an active stratovolcano located on the border between Central Java and Special Region of Yogyakarta provinces, Indonesia.It is the most active volcano in Indonesia and has erupted regularly since 1548. The “Fire Maker” stands tall at 2,930m (9,610ft) with steep slopes adorned with dense vegetation at the lower flanks. Mount Merapi or ‘mountain of fire’ is part of the ring of fire. Many people have died during its eruptions. Mount Merapi is a volcano located on the island of Java in Indonesia. A: Mount Merapi is a volcanic mountain peak situated in Java, Indonesia. It is on the island of Java. It is the most active volcano in Indonesia and has erupted regularly since 1548. 2006 earthquake This Mesozoic subduction has formed a trench of 6 to 7 km deep. Mount Merapi has erupted 68 times since the sixteenth century and is the most active volcano in its region.

It is conical in shape.

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