I think you have been given an over simplification of how to leave the Insider program. I've already left the beta several times but it keeps installing the beta.

I already unenrolled from the Xbox Insider Hub and I already uninstalled Minecraft. If there are too many bugs, you can roll back. I decided to leave the Minecraft beta through the Xbox Insider hub, but when reinstalling Minecraft, I installed the BETA version. Beta life isn't for everyone. I have been trying to get rid of the Minecraft Windows 10 Beta for quite some time but with no luck. Eclair Oct 24, 2018. Can't leave beta for Minecraft Windows 10 edition on xbox insider hub I joined the Minecraft Windows 10 1.3 beta update and I want to go back. How to leave the Android Beta Program and not lose everything. How to leave iOS 13 public beta and go back to iOS 12. I searched in different posts to find a solution, being that most say that I consulted the support of MOJANG or Xbox and in the other few solutions recommended to reset the PC factory, which obviously will not do, at least not for a game .
However, when I install Minecraft again, when I open the Minecraft I downloaded from the Store, I still get the beta. Then uninstall your copy of the game from the Google Play Store. That's after I used my tablet to leave the program.

Oct 24, 2018. When not done right, leaving the beta program will force-reset your device. How do I leave beta? Don't worry, your worlds will not be deleted and you don't have to buy the game again.Then wait for the Google Play … F_Marty_Adams_bHgV. F_Marty_Adams_bHgV, Oct 24, 2018: Hey guys I updated to the android 9 beta when it was available and I thought I left the beta when I installed the official OS but now I seem to be getting beta updates.does that mean I'm still on the beta?

LEAVE - Click this Leave Beta link and click "Leave the program" as shown below. It sounds easy in that you have been advised just to re-register and to remove the Insider build from your PC. This should already have uninstalled the beta.

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