When Alaric's about to kill Klaus, Elena begs him to stop and threatens to kill herself, revealing that the key to kill Alaric is to kill her as their lives are linked. Ok, let me start wih the Real Question that is how Elena Die : 1. She had help from Alaric (Matt Davis), the memory of her mother, Professor Jeremy (Steven R. McQueen), and a donation from Klaus—the "beginning of another story," according to Alaric's voiceover. How do rom and rom chips used in refrigerator. Klaus makes an agreement with Damon and Stefan to save Elena from Alaric. Others In addition to the ingredients and the requirements, according to Klaus, the sacrifice needs to take place at the birth place of the doppelgänger during a full moon . but if the vampire is an original then a silver knife with white ash oak will kill him nothing else. a hybrid like klaus (werewolf and vampire) are pretty impossible to kill. Elena and Klaus. Klaus overpowers Alaric and flees with Elena.

Does klaus die in The Vampire Diaries books? Unanswered Questions. One of them was used during the sacrifice to put the blood from the hearts of the werewolf and the vampire.

Why were knights willing to fight for their lords. Klaus later meets Elena at the Grill with Damon. To set the stage, in case you’re someone who hasn’t seen the show: Klaus ordered Tyler, his hybrid-slave-friend that is sire bonded to him, to bite Caroline. As far as I remember, Elena actually Died 2 times in TVD and having different reason but above all we all like this tv series .

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