CODE 590. Chief • Tupper Hyde (6 -8496) Associate • Lamar Dougherty. 234. (3) Removed metric “number of students reached”.

There is a (draft) notation for charts that do not have dates on the charts themselves. CODE 590. 250. 188. GSFC Chief Engineer • Steve Scott. (4) Added clarification to mentoring statistics. SOFTWARE ENGINEERING DIVISION CODE 580.

Chief • Tupper Hyde (6 -8496) Associate • Lamar Dougherty. The Flight Programs and Projects Office for Goddard Space Flight Center Code 754 and NSI will provide the facilities and necessary operating personnel for conducting the test and for acquiring and reducing the data.

Associate • Dennis Woodfork* SOFTWARE ENGINEERING DIVISION CODE 580. 293.

Chief • Jerome Bennett (6-8623) Associate • Chris Durachka. Senior AETD Engineer • Tim Trenkle.

1253. Associate • Leigh Forbes. |1919-1955|1958-1969|1970-1979|1980-1989|1990-1999|2000-2009|2010- | 1919 NACA Organizational Chart (Hypothetical) 1928 NACA Organizational Chart (Hypothetical) 1938 NACA Organizational Chart (Hypothetical) 1948 NACA Organizational Chart … 259.


Statistics must be official GSFC mentoring program. (2) Added Office Specific Objectives for Code 830. 185.


Associate • Eric Holmes. Code 754 will provide the Facility Engineer while Code 741 will provide the test plan and Test Engineer. 1262. 256.

Senior AETD Engineer • Tim Trenkle. 9. (5) Minor changes to Attachment A (organization charts) and Attachment B (reporting chart) C January 9, 2004 (1) Updated plan for FY-04. NASA Headquarters Historical Organizational Charts. 232.

5.0 TEST ORGANIZATION The test will be conducted with support from GSFC Code 741 and Code 754. The ITCD Organization 5 Chart updated April 17, 2013 As of 2013: 105 Civil Servants 453 Contractors >IT at GSFC >Strategic Planning for the Future >I3P Contracts >Challenges and Opportunities Adrian Gardner Dennis VanderTuig Information Technology & Communications Directorate Code 700 Adrian Gardner, Director and CIO Associate • Leigh Forbes.

Chief • Jerome Bennett (6-8623) Associate • Chris Durachka. GSFC Chief Engineer • Steve Scott.

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