The most common cause of a tsunami is fro earthquakes. Tsunamis can also result from the impact of a meteor or comet in a body of water. Energy accumulates in the overriding plate until it exceeds the frictional forces between the two stuck plates. Remember, tsunamis are an after-effect of an earthquake. When this happens, the overriding plate snaps back into an unrestrained position.

This is what caused the Boxing Day tsunami in the Indian Ocean in 2004 and it is also the reason behind the 2011 Japan tsunami. This sudden motion is the cause of the tsunami - because it gives an enormous shove to the overlying water. The source of the plant is known that 90% of the tsunami is caused by tectonic earthquake activity, 9% due to volcanic activity and 1% by soil landslides that occurring in water such as in the lakes or in the ocean or landslides that came from land which is enters to the ocean. A tsunami is a catastrophic ocean wave that is usually caused by a submarine earthquake, an underwater or coastal landslide, or the eruption of a volcano. Here explanation about Causes and Effects of Tsunami. A tsunami is a sudden violent change in the earth's surface resulting from a destructive sea wave caused by an earthquake or volcanic eruption. To understand how earthquakes cause tsunamis we must first fully understand what causes earthquakes. The volcanic or earthquake activity usually creates a huge wave underneath the ocean, which eventually come down violently onto the shoreline Causes of the Tsunami. Earthquake Causes Tsunami.

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