In fact, it was supposed to be nice day as the Armagh Methodist Sunday School had organized a day trip for its members who were traveling from Armagh, Ulster, Ireland, to the seaside resort of Warrenpoint at … What was the Armagh Rail Disaster death toll: 80 people died in the crash, including 22 children; 262 people were injured.

At the time railway travel was the way to travel, nearly everyone did it, and no one expected a disaster was about to happen. The Armagh rail disaster happened on 12 June 1899. When was the Armagh Rail Disaster: June 12 1889. You should know: As a direct result of the disaster better braking systems were devised for trains. The 940 passengers were travelling to Warrenpoint on a day trip organised by Armagh Sunday School . The Armagh Rail Disaster of 1889 claimed 88 lives and injured 170 people. The Armagh Rail Disaster of 1889 On the morning of 12th June 1889 a train carry passengers on a Sunday School excursion to Warrenpoint was involved in the biggest rail disaster Ireland had ever known, resulting in the deaths of 80 people and the injury of 170 more. There was such excitement about the prospect of a trip to the seaside that hundreds of people had bought tickets in advance. Where was the Armagh Rail Disaster: Armagh, Northern Ireland, UK.

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