Nov. 14: Astronauts Pete Conrad, Alan Bean and Richard Gordon blast off aboard Apollo 12, kicking off the second piloted lunar landing mission.

The Apollo 12 mission was the second manned lunar landing mission. 1 July 1969.

2011-173-101 US Ensign, Apollo 12.jpg 640 × 480; 94 KB. Photo filed 2 July 1969. ": 466: I — "Reserved for lunar survey missions (not used)." Apollo Lunar Surface Experiments Package (ALSEP), color TV camera, seismometer, electric generator (plutonium power source). Media in category "Apollo 12" The following 108 files are in this category, out of 108 total. J: Apollo 15 Apollo 16 Apollo 17 "Extensive scientific investigation of Moon on lunar surface and from lunar orbit." Mission objectives included an extensive series of lunar exploration tasks as well as the deployment of the Apollo Lunar Surface Experiments Package, or ALSEP.

18 Nov 03:47. Apollo 12 LM Timeline Book .

2012-10-23 Insurance Cover Apollo 12 anagoria.JPG 5,465 × 3,168; 9.72 MB. Apollo 12 spacecraft being prepared for mating in High Bay 3 of the VAB. Launched:14 November 1969 UT 16:22:00 (11:22:00 a.m. EST) Landed on Moon:19 November 1969 UT 06:54:35 (01:54:35 a.m. EST) Landing Site:Oceanus Procellarum - Ocean of Storms (3.01 S, 23.42 W) Returned to Earth:24 November 1969 UT … (Left to right) Pete Conrad, Dick Gordon, and Al Bean pose with the Apollo 12 Saturn V.jpg 1,746 × 2,000; 560 KB. Date: Countdown started.-098:00:00: 00:00:00: 9 Nov 1969: Scheduled 12-hour hold at T-66 hours.-066:00:00: 07:00:00

This comes after the Soviet Union had launched the first artificial satellite, Sputnik. Yuri Gagarin, Soviet cosmonaut, becomes the first human in space aboard Vostok I. Time: GMT. The crew was at great risk, but did, successfully splash down and live through the mission with minimal ill effects. Highlights/Notes: Saturn rocket hit by lightning twice, 32 sec.

It's difficult to tell which cuts correlate to which events in the flight and I haven't found the actual touchdown cut yet, but if you are at all a space fanatic you'll love these cuts. PDF version created by Lennie Waugh from a microfilm copy provided by Kent Carter at the US National Archives, Fort Worth. Event: GET (hhh:mm:ss) GMT.

Apollo 13 timeline: The hectic days of NASA's 'successful failure' to the moon All About Space magazine. 14 Nov 16:22 Apollo 12 launches and is struck by lightning after 36 seconds and again 16 seconds later. as someone who lived through the Apollo Moon landings and loved Apollo 12 especially, I loved listening to these audio cuts. Figure 4-9 from the Apollo 12 Mission Report shows the approach view (top) used in training. Kennedy's Speech at Rice University September 12, 1962.

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