A first part will consist in a review of the main Space Debris Mitigation rules (ESA policy, French Space Operations Act) and their impact on the spacecraft design. The Defence and Space division of the European aerospace company Airbus has been working on the concept for a number of years in response to the growing problem of space debris. So while a spacecraft may survive being hit by tiny debris, such hits can still result in catastrophe and mission failure. A second part will review the various studies and Key Points.

Michael Sheetz @thesheetztweetz. Published Wed, May 13 2020 11:48 AM EDT. L'agence spatiale européenne (ESA) entend bien participer et trouver des solutions innovantes face aux débris spatiaux qui orbitent autour de la Terre. Space debris moves about 10 times faster than a bullet—and no one can see a bullet coming. Space debris tracker LeoLabs unveils automated collision alert service for satellites. Space junk is … Although debris smaller than 1 mm in size does not generally pose a hazard to spacecraft, it can still damage optics and solar arrays.

This paper will address Airbus Defence and Space approach to Space Debris Mitigation with a global system perspective from requirements to design and operations.

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