Apollo 16 was the tenth manned space flight in NASA's Apollo program.It was a J-Type mission with a longer stay on the Moon.Launched on April 16, 1972, Ken Mattingly stayed in orbit around the Moon in the Apollo Command Module, Casper. They are, left to right, Thomas K. Mattingly II, command module pilot; John W. Young, commander; and Charles M. Duke Jr., lunar module pilot. The 7" × 9" stainless-steel plaque was attached to the ladder on the landing gear strut on the lunar module's descent stage. The aim of this mission was the same as the previous Apollo missions 640-802 including the first use of an […] It was also the second flight of the Lunar Roving Vehicle. Other astronauts who trained for Apollo but did not fly Edit. Since the astronauts spent a fair amount of time around the Lunar Module during their three extra-vehicular activities, the bright lunar module appears to have a dark halo. Duke flew as Lunar Module Pilot on Apollo 16. Apollo 16 changed the way scientists think of the Moon. Apollo 16 was the fifth mission to land men on the moon and return them to Earth. The lunar probe, like the Apollo 15, lasted longer than three days. He later piloted the command module on Apollo 16. The Apollo 16 astronauts churned up the lunar soil (regolith) as they moved about exploring the Moon, and this disturbed material shows up as dark lines and patches. Apollo Lunar Surface Journal - Apollo 16 … These three astronauts were selected by NASA as the prime crew of the Apollo 16 lunar landing mission. Apollo 16 landed in a highlands area, a region not yet explored on the Moon. As Apollo 16 was the penultimate mission in the Apollo program and there was no new hardware or procedures to test on the lunar surface, the last two missions (the other being Apollo 17) presented opportunities for astronauts to clear up some uncertainties in understanding the Moon's properties. This was the fifth mission in which astronauts walked on the lunar surface, but it was far from routine. April 21, 1972 – Astronaut Charles M. Duke Jr., Apollo 16 lunar module pilot, salutes the United States flag during the mission’s first extravehicular activity. Recovery on Earth: April 27, 1972. The success of the mission of Apollo 15 brought another J-class mission to the moon—the Apollo 16. L. Gordon Cooper – from the Mercury Seven; veteran of Mercury Faith 7 and commander of Gemini 5, was replaced as Apollo 14 commander by Alan Shepard and resigned from NASA in 1970.

Lunar Surface Departure: April 24, 1972. Other astronauts who trained for Apollo but did not fly. Lunar Orbit Insertion: April 19, 1972. (Photo by NASA) He spent 3 days, 9 hours and 28 minutes by himself, the longest solo US space flight.

L. Gordon Cooper Jr. – from the Mercury Seven; veteran of Mercury Faith 7 and commander of Gemini 5, was replaced as Apollo 14 commander by Alan Shepard and resigned from NASA in 1970. This week in 1972, Apollo 16 astronauts Charles M. Duke Jr., lunar module pilot, and John W. Young, commander, landed on the lunar surface. Ronald E. Evans Jr. – Command Module Pilot on Apollo 17. Launch: April 16, 1972. End of the Apollo 16 Mission. Duke flew as Lunar Module Pilot on Apollo 16. Duke retired from the Astronaut Corps in 1975 and, later from the U.S. Air Force as a Air Force Reserve Brigadier General. Mission Gemini XII Apollo 11 Dates Nov 11-15, 1966 July 16-24, 1969. Buzz Aldrin. Results. It also had three extra-vehicular activities. This is a close-up of the plaque the Apollo 16 astronauts left on the Moon during their lunar landing mission.

Lunar Landing: April 20, 1972. Ronald E. Evans, Jr. – Command Module Pilot on Apollo 17.

(Image credit: NASA) Ken Mattingly is a NASA astronaut who flew on the Apollo 16 mission and twice on the space shuttle. Role Pilot Lunar Module Pilot Notes ... Apollo 10 Apollo 16 STS-1 STS-9 Dates March 23, 1965 July 18-21, 1966 May 18-26, 1969 April 16-27, 1972 April 12-14, 1981 Nov 28 - … Astronauts; Apollo Astronauts. Charlie served as CapCom during the Apollo 11 landing and as Lunar Module Pilot with Young on the backup crews for Apollo 13 and 17 and on the Apollo 16 prime crew.

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