It was official: she was in love. Percy Jackson vs. Thalia Grace Winner: Percy Jackson with 71.34% of all cast votes. Loki vs. Thor Winner: Loki with 63.43% of all cast votes. When Percy saw Annabeth burn his shroud, he thought it was a perfect opportunity for everyone,including Kronos, to think he was dead. Incidentally, the modern American hero and demigod Percy Jackson, in the eponymous series, written by Rick Riordan, also defeats Antaeus by suspending him above the earth. At this he pointed towards Percy, "Percy Jackson, son of Poseidon." Past Fights Past Fights. Books Percy Jackson and the Olympians. Ancient Sources for Antaeus

You can talk about all the Antaeus' Arena fights here. At this I almost burst out laughing. He now will lay low and gather information on the enemy before revealing he is alive, and that he has a secret. It all started almost six months ago, after the winter break, when he transferred into Yancy Academy with his friend, Hylas Theiodamas. Clarisse La Rue vs. (Queen) Reyna Winner: Reyna with 77.40% of all cast votes. Poseidon was never my favorite god, but the way he was described always made him seem handsome. Obviously, Antaeus did NOT get his father's looks.

(And no, I'm not talking about Percy. Damasen vs. Iapetus Winner: Iapetus with 61.32% of all cast votes. By: MasterRoku 1776. Chapter 3 - Assistance from Antaeus. The other troll.) A secret that will change the outcome of war. That-That TROLL was a son of Poseidon!? Nancy Sarah-Louise Bobofit was in love with Perseus 'Percy' Jackson. Follow/Fav Percy's True Power.

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