The barrel roll.

But the roll seems to have impressed the military and to have gotten Boeing the large contract for the KC-135. It is quite capable of doing an aileron roll or a barrel roll.

Convair 880; Douglas DC-8; de Havilland Comet; References Notes Citations. Irving, Clive. Bowers, Peter M. Boeing aircraft since 1916. Does anyone know the guy's name who did this hilarious-looking stunt? Sure. London: Putnam Aeronautical Books, 1989. A video purportedly showing an airplane being spun around by typhoon-force winds is actually a computer animation.

My apologies if this is common knowledge, but I recall seeing video of a 747 doing a barrel roll, filmed sometime in the 70's. [Edited 2004-03-02 10:41:05] Does This Video Show a DragonAir 737 Caught in a Typhoon?

As part of the Dash 80's demonstration program, Bill ... Boeing 737; Aircraft of comparable role, configuration and era. -Tex Johnston did the barrel roll and even if test pilots back then were different, the company was stunned by it and whatever the exact conversation was like, he apparently came close to losing his job.

ISBN 0-85177-804-6.

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