Light takes 15.0616 seconds to travel from Asteroid 2020 CD3 (Earth's minimoon) and arrive to us. Trajectory of 2020 CD3 from January 2019 to May 2020. Credit: Javier Roa Vicens. Earth’s new mini-moon – officially labeled 2020 CD3 – is the point source in the center of this February 24, 2020, image, obtained with the 8-meter Gemini North telescope in Hawaii. With the illustrious name Temporarily Captured Object 2020 CD3, Earth's new moon might not be entertaining a manned landing at any time in the future. The object has been orbiting Earth for at least a year and probably more, presumably after being captured by the Earth’s gravity from an orbit about the Sun. Astronomers were shocked to find that space rock "2020 CD3" has actually been circling Earth for three years. Credit: Marina Brozović Asteroid 2020 CD3 (Earth's minimoon) Distance from Earth. When the forthcoming Vera Rubin Observatory begins taking pictures of … 2020 CD3 has a "chaotic" orbit, he said, because it is pulled between the gravity of the moon and the gravity of Earth. This animation depicts the trajectory of 2020 CD3 from January 2019 to July 2020. The distance of Asteroid 2020 CD3 (Earth's minimoon) from Earth is currently 4,515,352 kilometers, equivalent to 0.030183 Astronomical Units. EARTH may have a brand new "mini moon" after gravity yanked an asteroid into orbit. Whatever happens to 2020 CD3, it will not be the last space rock to join the moon around Earth.

Especially since it's only a few feet wide.

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