16 Psyche Asteroid is the Golden asteroid. Share your thoughts in our DISCUSSION … If we could somehow mine it it is worth approximately $10,000 quadrillion. It is thought to be the exposed iron core of a protoplanet. 16 Psyche (/ˈsaɪkiː/ SY-kee) is one of the ten most massive asteroids in the asteroid belt. The Psyche mission will explore one of the most intriguing targets in the main asteroid belt – a giant metal asteroid, known as 16 Psyche, about three times farther away from the sun than is the Earth. The estimated dimensions are 279×232×189 km with an uncertainty of about 10%. One of the most intriguing targets in the main asteroid belt, 16 Psyche is a giant metal asteroid, about three times farther away from the sun than is the Earth. Asteroid 16 Psyche is currently in the constellation of Aries.The current Right Ascension of Asteroid 16 Psyche is 02h 22m 07s and the Declination is +12° 05’ 48” (topocentric coordinates computed for the selected location: Greenwich, United Kingdom []).The current magnitude of Asteroid 16 Psyche is 11.20 (JPL).
With a size of 200 km (130 miles), it's one of the 10 most massive bodies in the asteroid belt. Our size and Psyche’s published absolute magnitude lead to an optical albedo of pv =0.15±0.03, and there is evidence for albedo varie-gations that correlatewith shape features.

Asteroid 16 Psyche is the largest M-class asteroid in the main-belt and is of special interest because it is the target of a newly selected NASA Discovery Mission, also called Psyche. Site is hosted in Scottsdale, Arizona, 85260, United States and links to network IP address The US space agency has now fast-forwarded its plans to send a rocket to the asteroid – bringing it forward to 2022. The asteroid was named after the nymph Psyche, who married Cupid but was put to death by Venus. 16 Psyche is an M-type (metallic) asteroid orbiting in the main asteroid belt. Introduction Asteroid 16 Psyche is the largest Tholen (1984) M-class aster- oid and a potential spacecraft target (Elkins-Tanton et al., 2014). Psyche ancien d’occasion. In fact, due to all the metal it contains, some are reporting that it could be worth up to $700 quintillion. [NASA, CBS video, The Sun] Follow us on FACEBOOK and TWITTER. C’est simple : Cherchez, Cliquez, Trouvez ! Radar observations and shape model of asteroid 16 Psyche Michael K. Shepard a, ... One of the earliest, and still most quoted, size estimates for Psyche is an effective diameter (diameter of a sphere with the same volume) Deff =253±4km and came from the Infrared As-tronomical Satellite (IRAS) mission (Tedesco et al., 2002). ... Venus Planet- (Venus Facts, Venus Atmosphere, Venus Temperature, Size, Mass, Rotation, Life on Venus) Mercury Planet - Mercury Planet Facts - Size, Temperature, Distance, Diameter, Days of Mercury The Universe is Expanding Faster than We … Concept work for this mission began all the way back in the year 2016. Deep Space Industries and Planetary Resources each have their eyes on the 2011 UW158 asteroid which is twice the size of the Tower of London and worth up to £4.5trillion. Psyche 16 is actually the remnant core of a planet.and is worth estimated 700 Quintillion dollars. ©2016Published by Elsevier Inc. 1. Articlenumber,page2of16 I tell you, space is the future… a complete and chaotic societal collapse! Asteroid 16 Psyche: NASA Set to Visit Weird 150-Mile-Wide Lump of Metal Circling the Inner Solar System . Overview. 16 Psyche is a very big Main belt asteroid, well over 200 kilometers in diameter, and likely the biggest of the metallic M-type asteroids.It is estimated to have 0.6 percent of the mass of the entire asteroid belt. Our size and Psyche’s published absolute magnitude lead to an optical albedo of pv =0.15±0.03, and there is evidence for albedo varie-gations that correlatewith shape features. At Cupid’s request, however, Jupiter made Psyche immortal. 16-psyche.com receives about n/a unique visitors and n/a page views per day which should earn about n/a/day from advertising revenue.Estimated site value is n/a.According to Alexa Traffic Rank 16-psyche.com is ranked number 0 in the world and 0% of global Internet users visit it.
Shepard et al.

It is the most massive metallic M-type asteroid.

Accélérez votre recherche . 16 is the integrated flux of Psyche and D 16 is the surface-equivalent diameter of Psyche on the plane of the sky (that is 170km). The estimated total mass is about 2.7 x 10^19 kg, and density estimates are about 4.5 grams per cubic cm with a large uncertainty. The theory is that 16 Psyche was once the core of a planet that was right around the size of Mars. Where is Asteroid (16) Psyche now? This article was originally published on The Conversation.Read the original article.. Three times further away from the sun than the Earth lies an enormous lump of metal. ©2016Published by Elsevier Inc. 1.

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